Upholstery services

Find the right floor for your apartment in De Kade. All the apartments in De Kade are ready to move and therefore the apartments need to be finished with a floor. Hügge B.V. meets this need for the residents of De Kade. If you choose a floor from Hügge, you can be sure that the selected subfloor and laminate meet the strict requirements for the heating-system and sounds reduction.


What options do I have?

If you want to purchase a floor via Hügge, there are two different purchase options.

  • Completely unburdened: You can give the key to Hügge and they arrange that your floor is installed as soon as possible after the key-handover.
  • Do it yourself: Do you have or are you that handy ‘uncle’ who can do everything himself? No problem! Hügge ensures that the floor of your choice is delivered in your home, including subfloor and skirting boards, so that you can get started with the installation yourself.


When can I choose my floor?

After the apartment has been assigned to you, your file has been approved and you have signed the rental agreement, you can make a choice via the special upholstery portal. In addition, you can of course request samples via the same portal, schedule a showroom appointment or even request a quotation.


Who is Hügge?

Hügge is a professional upholstering company with expertise in project work. This allows them to provide all the apartments with a floor soon after the delivery of the building, and you can move quickly. A big advantage of renting in De Kade.


Curtain service

Hügge also offers a curtain service. You can make an appointment for this service in the Hügge showroom.


Can I already take a look?

Yes you can! See below the link to the portal. In the portal you can take a virtual look or schedule an appointment in our showroom. We understand that you have become curious, so take a quick look.

Upholstering Portal – De Kade


Furnishing services

Move&Rent is the furnishing (rental) solution dedicated to expats, international companies, and real estate professionals in the Benelux and France.

One of the biggest challenges for expatriates is finding decent properties to rent out, preferably fully furnished. Furthermore, moving to a new country is a stressful and time-consuming experience.

At Move&Rent, our mission is to make furniture smart, flexible & sustainable. We aim at reducing the CO2 impact of our equipment.

  • The housing market does not offer enough furnished properties.
  • Furnishing homes cost time, money, and logistics efforts.
  • 9,5 Mio tonnes of furniture is thrown away and incinerated every year in Europe.

That’s why we support expats, students, and property owners to furnish their properties by offering them a stress-free and all-inclusive furnishing (rental) service.

  • Flexible conditions, you rent or buy, choose your rental duration, your budget, furniture & interior style.
  • Stress-free and all-inclusive, we take care of everything (furniture selection, assembly, delivery & installation, maintenance & recovery).
  • Large assortment of NEW furniture, diverse interieur styles, including textile, kitchen accessories, small electronics & white goods.
  • Sustainable solution: we limit your furniture’s CO2 footprint by giving it a second life.

With our team of 15 people, we operate in 3 different countries and help every year more than 500 households to feel like home.