What is the income norm for tenants?

To be eligible for a house you must provide proof of an adequate income. The following norms can be seen as a guideline:

  • You have a fixed, gross monthly income of at least 3,5 times the rent.
    Your holiday allowance may be used in your calculations. If you earn less than this, contact your agent to discuss your particular situation.
  • Hiring with a partner? Then this applies: you may count the second income for 100%.
  • Freelancer or self-employed
    Obtain a declaration from the tax department over the last two years. You can request such a declaration on the tax department’s website.

We don’t usually ask for a security deposit. Exemptions are: cases where extra security is warranted. For example: you have your own company or if you only have a temporary work permit. We’ll let you know if you need to make a deposit and how much that is before you sign a contract.

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