The joy of living in de KADE, Oostenburg

Maybe you’re already familiar with this unique part of the old Amsterdam harbor district; if not take a look at these impressions or just visit the area to soak up its vibes. You’ll be living on the VOC Kade or the Pieter Goosstraat, in a varying neighborhood that is constituted of small islands and peninsulas. A neighborhood bursting with character as Oostenburg was once the industrial island of 17th century merchants. That can still be felt today thanks to the sturdy industrial features that have been preserved. Now a trendy neighborhood where you can rely on a modern and sustainable living environment, not in a distant suburb, but close to everything you need for your daily supplies and relaxation. Imagine taking a stroll along the water’s edge after a busy day, or just relaxing in your rooftop garden or on your balcony with magnificent views. Or take a walk to the old Van Gendt halls that’s receiving a major renovation at the moment, transforming into a meeting place full of a pleasant buzz.



56 comfortable apartments in twin buildings, adjacent to it you’ll find a covered courtyard with a 100 year old roof construction of riveted steel and glass. The authentic industrial details of this workplace from another age on the water’s edge has been beautifully preserved. In the KADE buildings: five ‘split level’ homes and two apartments of the Duplex type, divided over two levels. The apartments have 2 to 3 bedrooms, a floor plan varying from 35 m2 up to a spacious 89 m2.






Take a look at the house selector to find the apartment that best suits your needs. You can count on a light, spacious layout with a high level finish, including a luxurious kitchen with all the necessary fittings, bathroom and toilet. A number of apartments have a balcony or loggia, some have both. The communal rooftop gardens are accessible to all tenants. Enjoy the panoramic views that never get old!




Do I qualify?

Read the Rental Conditions and you’ll know.